Xmas presents, part 2

Now for the big, orange one.

Here is RMQ’s Singleplayer Demo 2. It contains the map e1m6rq, The Doors of Delusion. In the process of making it, we lost The Fight for Sanity but we wish you A Lot of Fun Playing It.

The demo comes with Linux and Windows versions of the RMQengine. It is the recommended engine to run this monster in, but Darkplaces and FTE might also work. Try our engine first though.

Consider using the Quake Retexturing Project textures with this map. There is an addon pack with the required custom textures, so the hi-res coverage is 99%.

The mod itself comes in the form of a PAK file as usual. I guess the long time Quake players know how to run such a thing. You should use -sndspeed 44100 on the command line, otherwise half of it will be lost on you.

Engine, QC and map source included. Updates to the Mapping Guide and .def/.fgd files soon.

“It’s gone. It’s done, Sam!”



10 responses to “Xmas presents, part 2

  • =peg=

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work you guys & galls put in! I’ll make sure to reserve some time these holydays to check this baby out..

    Merry Q-mass to you all!

  • nick

    this thing is amazing. thanks so much for everyone working on this.

    the boilers in the end where a bit too explosive… lol

  • Michael Hudson-Doyle

    Coooool… but please use a less lame download service next time 🙂 If you just want somewhere to host a few files, I can do that for you, or so can a few tens of other people in the q1 community I’m sure!

  • =peg=

    Great stuff! Found all the secrets and managed to kill the end boss (whats her name?). Loved it all the way through but if there should be one tiny little thingy to nag about, it would be the pushing and pulling on crates is sooo damn slow 😉

    Cant wait to see what else you guys have in store, great job!

  • =peg=

    Found a QC-bug: RMQSPDEMO2_BUG.zip

    Includes a demo of what I was doing and a screenshot of the errormessage..

  • Supa

    Fixed it, thanks for the catch. Anymore useful bug reports before we get the point release ready would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • =peg=

    Btw, I also noticed that the hook’s reeling behavior (shrink?) is FPS-dependent. When I lock host_maxfps to 250 (plays uber-smooth -> great job MH! ;)) I can no longer hook to the horizontal func_grapple bar (above the shambler) and swing up to the NG.. whereas on host_maxfps 125 this is easy as pie..

    Probably a known issue, but I figured I’d mention it anyways 😉

  • mh

    That’s Quake’s wonky FPS-dependent physics at work; you really shouldn’t be setting host_maxfps to anything other than 72 in SP games. It’s not a problem in MP because the server runs on a different machine (which you can bet is locked to 72).

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