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Hi folks, this is a short update:

The RMQ server side Quake C is here.

You need anything else that’s not on the downloads page, let us know.

Everything in the Remake Quake SVN and the released demos / the download page is fair game for the Quake modding/mapping community. I just ask that I be informed if you do anything with it.

Rune of Earth Magic is currently, obviously, shelved, but I might yet return to it. I just don’t find Quake-style gameplay mechanics very interesting right now (I play Company of Heroes; the only shooter I play recently is DOOM 3). Scout’s Journey is still in glacially slow development. I don’t know about Schism.

Sometimes some of the team can be found in #rmq on irc.anynet.org.

I very rarely happen across any Quake messageboards. You might ask questions in the comments here or at scoutsjourney.eu.

Rune of Earth Magic


Episode 1 is in development again.

The End

I haven’t seen any public announcement yet, so…

The old Remake Quake project is no more.

From its carcass rise SCHISM and Scout’s Journey.

Part of the old team is working on SCHISM; to my knowledge, this is still led by ijed. There has been no birth certificate yet, but talk of changes behind the scenes. Even before the split, there had been lively discussion about restructuring and downscaling the project, but I don’t know how much of that still applies. SCHISM is a bit of a mystery for now. Their forum is here.

The other new spawn is an RPGFPS called Scout’s Journey. This is headed by me (gb) helped by a merry band of friends. Scout’s Journey is going to have only 5 (very large) levels that can be revisited, three distinct factions of enemies, loot, trade, exploration, Elder Gods, platforming and more. Scout’s blog is here.

There is an informal agreement to share resources; I licensed my maps, code and assets to the other team, while Scout’s Journey uses much of the same gamecode and features as the old RMQ.

This is how things look a couple weeks after the split. There was no shooting, name calling or backstabbing. A few of us still hang around the old campfire in #rmq at irc.anynet.org.

Cadmus, the bringer of literacy and civilization, killed the sacred dragon that guarded the spring of Ares. The goddess Athena told him to sow the teeth, from which sprang a group of ferocious warriors called the spartoi.

Final Update, likely

I’ve parted ways with the RMQ team. You can get the scoop here.

I will leave this up for a while, but since I was the only contributor here I guess this is it.

For RMQ related news, in the future, you should probably head to their icculus page / their forum.


CSQC more or less working

This is Gnounc’s CSQC HUD running in the RMQ engine, with a few niggles regarding images (RMQE seems to expect wad lumps instead of real images), but it loads and it draws stuff on the screen for the first time.

So the way is now more or less clear to implement certain GUI features that had been shelved for years, such as icons to clearly mark grapple points. We can then also go and start implementing our own diegetic HUD and I can go and display graphical pages for books you read in the game and for charms you collect, plus pretty icons for all the new keyitems, charms, and whatever else you carry. Same for GUI elements relating to altars and hopefully loot.

I know there is more interesting stuff to be had in CSQC land than just images, but I’ll work my way up.

Thanks go out to Spike as usual.

BSP2, engine support, features

The extended map format, BSP2, is supported in some other engines now; there is good support in FTE, and beginning support in Darkplaces (and hmap2). There were some requirements for minor tweaks by the DP camp, which are agreed upon and should be implemented one of those days. When that happens, we will have BSP2 support in three engines.

I want to mention that FTE also supports our protocol 999, this means that it should be able to playback RMQ demos and host RMQ servers. Awesome.

I tested the most recent FTE from SVN and it looks like Spike has optimized it very nicely – it beats the RMQ engine in a timedemo (not to mention it beats Darkplaces so hard it’s not funny). Good job Spike, I was impressed. It really is a very nice engine with a fast renderer that supports everything under the sun, plus it is truly crossplatform, and more people should give it a try. There is a little menu that pops up now when the engine is first started, asking you what kind of visual style you prefer – answering “Normal” emulates Quake as closely as possible, while “Nice” gives you realtime dynamic lights and that kind of stuff. There is also a fully realtime setting. Very easy to choose the graphics settings you want.

FTE also asks you if you want to save any unsaved config settings now, which is a really nice touch.

Spike has really been going out of his way to support RMQ, even if the mod uses a number of things that aren’t very FTE / DP friendly such as the ladder code from extras, or func_water. Some problems still need solving, but we’re getting closer to playing nice with each other. The switch that enables support for big maps (as in RMQ) is sv_bigcoords 1.

I wonder if RMQ will run on Android devices some day, since there is a version of FTE for Android.

Forethought Entertainment : FTE

Lastly, for those who didn’t know it, Spike is the one who added basic CSQC support to the RMQ engine, which means we can have a CSQC HUD and other nice things that come with it. We have quite a few HUD ideas that we’ve been discussing. Our contributor Gnounc actually coded up his own CSQC HUD a while ago.

As for RMQ the mod, we’re discussing some ways of adding interest to the gameplay, both regarding level design and high level features. Shooting monsters is why we play FPS games, but we have a lot of space to fill and some more non-combat interaction wouldn’t hurt. What have you always wanted to see in a mod? Have some ideas? Just poke one of us, we often do listen to requests.

I’m going to implement basic support for charms in the QC now, which are items you can find in the game that give you certain benefits (not quite stat boosts, since we don’t really have stats in RMQ, but stuff like walljump ability and so forth). I can see us going hog wild with those, if you remember the Rage ability you have in RMQ (double damage and regenerating health when near death) this is the kind of stuff you can expect to become collectable charms. I’m thinking fall damage and diving related stuff as well, plus probably more. I’m taking ideas.

We also pretty much want to do something with the “unholy altars” you might remember from old Quake. These might actually become interesting.

There’s more, but I prefer to go and start implementing before spoiling it. Suffice to say that the core gameplay should be getting a little richer. Players spend so much time in our levels between shooting monsters and pushing boxes that they might appreciate some added opportunities. I know I do.

– Solved- Temporary issues

The RMQ forum is down / can be reached only intermittently. It is being investigated. The database has been checked and found to be OK. Backups exist.

Please connect to the channel #rmq at irc.anynet.org (you can use mibbit.com, just click Launch App and set the server and channel) to contact the mothership until this is resolved.

– SOLVED – Forum works again. Thanks to icculus.



Winter Spring Cleaning

Removed the age-old Screenshots page, as well as the videos page. None of the old screenshots accurately portrayed the look of the game anymore. The vids can be found at RickyT23’s page and gb’s blog, as far as I know, and by just searching YT for RMQ or Remake Quake.

For recent map screenshots or videos, it really is best to check individual members’ dev blogs or web pages. Not all of us are very screenshot happy, and not all of us bother with blogs or homepages. I’ll just put the relevant links into the sidebar of this page, if they’re not already there.

Apart from that, the main page on this blog you’re just reading has the most recent material.

Edit; I also removed the outdated Contribute page; if you would like to help us and have useful skills in areas such as modeling, animation, 2D graphics, or voice acting, please drop by the RMQ forum.

Edit: Updated the confuddled About page.

Edit: Updated the Downloads page.

Edit: Added latest .def, .fgd and .ent files for use in level editors (on the Mapping Guide page)

Some players would like a zip or 7z version of the recent demo; I’m looking into that.

I’m also currently working on releasing a pack of our internal testmaps that demonstrate RMQ features for mappers (and are sometimes fun to play). It should be about a dozen map snippets featuring things such as custom keys, cutscenes, breakables, pushables, spellcasting, platforming/grappling, rotating entities and so forth.


SP Demo 3 release

After one year of work by our large team of volunteers, we bring you our third Singleplayer Demo containing four levels by ijed and RickyT23. Sorry for the delay.

Like last time, we have a Windows installer for you. The download is 400 MB.

An optimized crossplatform repack of this demo will be available in a while. For now, Linux users will have to use Wine to run the installer, and download the most up-to-date Linux engine linked below.

Take note that RMQ requires libSDL and SDL-mixer. These libraries are included in the archive for Windows, Linux users please use the package manager to install them if necessary.

Please use the following command line:

(RMQengine) -game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

and assign a large heapsize if necessary. Then use “map e2m1rq” and “map e3m1rq” on the command line to play the maps. The Episode 3 maps are sequential.

The minimum hardware requirements to run RMQ are about the same as Doom 3 (!) so about Nvidia 6 series and up.

We do not support MacOSX at the moment, since none of us actually has a Mac for development. I’m sorry. Try Wine.


RMQ Singleplayer Demo 3, Windows Installer

Contains the maps e2m1rq, e3m1rq, e3m2rq and e3m3rq. 400 MB!

RMQe for 32 bit Linux

Recent linux version of the RMQ engine. Needs libSDL and SDL-mixer (check your distribution’s package manager). There’s a good chance that you already have SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) installed by default or by some other game.

RMQ Devkit (Jan 2012)

Engine and tools source. Also has the BSP2 toolchain.

Downloads hosted by icculus.org. Big thanks to Ryan Gordon.


Related thread at the RMQ forum

Let us know what you think!






RMQ requires a registered copy of Quake(TM). Quake is the property of id Software.

Demo rumours might be true

Yep. ijed’s 3 maps are in playtesting atm, RickyT’s is looking good.

There might actually be a demo this time. See forum thread here:

RMQ Forum: Demo 3