EZ Installer and more

RMQ EZ Installer for Windows!

Baker created a Windows installer for the RMQ SP demo 2.

Download RMQ EZ Installer (Windows)

I don’t know how he keeps doing this kind of thing, but I hope he never stops.

More download mirrors!

There are additional download mirrors (original pack, not EZ Installer) provided by some helpful hands in the community:

Mirror 1 (quake-1.com)

Mirror 2 (Filefront)

Mirror 3 (dfsp_spirit’s site)


A few people have made demos of their playthroughs!

Demo 1 (Monster on Hard skill)

Demo 2 (Bloodshot on Hard skill)

Awesome stuff! Videos to follow!


There is an RMQ thread at func_msgboard where things are dissected at a molecular level!

Another RMQ thread is going on at Quakeone.com!

Most of Inside3d.com has slept through the RMQ release so far!

Happy 2011 everybody!

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