SP Demo 3 release

After one year of work by our large team of volunteers, we bring you our third Singleplayer Demo containing four levels by ijed and RickyT23. Sorry for the delay.

Like last time, we have a Windows installer for you. The download is 400 MB.

An optimized crossplatform repack of this demo will be available in a while. For now, Linux users will have to use Wine to run the installer, and download the most up-to-date Linux engine linked below.

Take note that RMQ requires libSDL and SDL-mixer. These libraries are included in the archive for Windows, Linux users please use the package manager to install them if necessary.

Please use the following command line:

(RMQengine) -game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

and assign a large heapsize if necessary. Then use “map e2m1rq” and “map e3m1rq” on the command line to play the maps. The Episode 3 maps are sequential.

The minimum hardware requirements to run RMQ are about the same as Doom 3 (!) so about Nvidia 6 series and up.

We do not support MacOSX at the moment, since none of us actually has a Mac for development. I’m sorry. Try Wine.


RMQ Singleplayer Demo 3, Windows Installer

Contains the maps e2m1rq, e3m1rq, e3m2rq and e3m3rq. 400 MB!

RMQe for 32 bit Linux

Recent linux version of the RMQ engine. Needs libSDL and SDL-mixer (check your distribution’s package manager). There’s a good chance that you already have SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) installed by default or by some other game.

RMQ Devkit (Jan 2012)

Engine and tools source. Also has the BSP2 toolchain.

Downloads hosted by icculus.org. Big thanks to Ryan Gordon.


Related thread at the RMQ forum

Let us know what you think!






RMQ requires a registered copy of Quake(TM). Quake is the property of id Software.

4 responses to “SP Demo 3 release

  • Badboy

    i love it. i see so many good ideas in it, visuals, the sound from weapons, enemys, ambient its amazing, the green drunken scene, wood ship, electric organ music, candles and atmosphere in the satanic map, bot ai, ironical voice of the computer, many things reminded me of quake 2 also. its great, i had a lot of fun to play it.

    and what is up the hundred forms of stairs which i saw. every stairs were different, crazy xD

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a crazy here 😉

  • bcspm1

    This version when played on NVIDIA shows the image incorrectly. Different textures wipe each other. But on INTEL it works good.

  • Poorchop

    I meant to check this out a while ago but life got in the way. The screenshots are amazing so I’m looking forward to jumping into this. I’ve played at least one of ijed’s maps (the one in Rubicon Rumble) and I was pretty blown away.

    Also, what happened to the forums? It would be cool if they were kept up for posterity’s sake, assuming the data hasn’t been lost for good. In any case, thanks for all of the work that you guys have done on this. Your work is still very much appreciated.

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