Editor’s Note: The Remake Quake mod is dead, this page exists for historical purposes only.


ReMakeQuake is a mod (partial conversion) project offering a fresh perspective on the ’90s cult shooter game, QUAKE. It is the team’s vision of the world of Quake and thereby a modern remake.

RMQ includes almost 40 levels, a mountain of new features, a growing roster of new baddies and its own cross-platform Quake-derived engine.

Multiplayer is fully supported, its maps recreated, remakes of classic multiplayer maps added, expanded with additional game modes (such as Capture the Flag), new/rebalanced weapons, bots, and augmented by an expanded set of moves.

The classic Quake mod that RMQ is best compared to is Nehahra, although RMQ also functions as a level design toolkit similar to Quoth and includes an ambitious multiplayer part. Another similarity exists to the “Knee-Deep in ZDOOM” project which recreated the shareware episode of the original DOOM using a much improved DOOM engine.

RMQ is not a “free Quake” type of thing. RMQ requires a full, registered copy of Quake (TM).

The Team

Project Lead: ijed & gb

QuakeC Lead: Supa

Engine Lead: MH

Modeling & Animation: Madfox, gnounc, Seanstar, ijed, gb

Level Design: RickyT23, rjthorne, digs, Vigil, pineapple, ijed, gb

QC Coding: Supa, pineapple, ijed, gb

Engine Coding: MH, Spike (CSQC)

Textures: inkub0

Playtesting: =peg=


RMQ spawned in July 2007 out of gb and ijed’s tinkerings.

This blog is run by gb (kneedeepinthedoomed) since March 2010.

RMQ is kindly hosted by Ryan C. Gordon at icculus.org.

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