Xmas presents, part 1

OK, the smaller one first…

RMQ Addon Texture pack for QRP

Contains a collection of high res textures meant to be used with the Quake Retexturing Project (QRP).

These are the new textures from RMQ; this version contains mostly the ones needed for the upcoming Singleplayer Demo 2. This will allow you to play RMQ with the QRP textures and not see too many “holes” where we used custom textures.

Should go well with the new QRP release. Double Xmas whammy! What a coincidence 😉

You might have noticed I use QRP textures in screenshots for a while now. Personally, I design my maps to make the best use of the QRP. I recommend you give it a try, even if you’re not otherwise a fan of replacement textures.

Usage: Pry the TGA files from the zip and put them in Quake/id1/textures (create the directory if it doesn’t exist). There are esoteric engines that expect replacement textures in different locations, but this will do for RMQengine and similar Netquake engines.


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