CSQC more or less working

This is Gnounc’s CSQC HUD running in the RMQ engine, with a few niggles regarding images (RMQE seems to expect wad lumps instead of real images), but it loads and it draws stuff on the screen for the first time.

So the way is now more or less clear to implement certain GUI features that had been shelved for years, such as icons to clearly mark grapple points. We can then also go and start implementing our own diegetic HUD and I can go and display graphical pages for books you read in the game and for charms you collect, plus pretty icons for all the new keyitems, charms, and whatever else you carry. Same for GUI elements relating to altars and hopefully loot.

I know there is more interesting stuff to be had in CSQC land than just images, but I’ll work my way up.

Thanks go out to Spike as usual.

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