Final Update, likely

I’ve parted ways with the RMQ team. You can get the scoop here.

I will leave this up for a while, but since I was the only contributor here I guess this is it.

For RMQ related news, in the future, you should probably head to their icculus page / their forum.

4 responses to “Final Update, likely

  • Claudio

    Hello, I would like to know more about this quake remake project that you are doing. You’ll make new stages, enemies and scenarios? Will put a storyline and goals throughout the game?
    thank you

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    I’m no longer on that project. But yes, this is what we used to be doing. Head over to their forum which I linked above and ask them!

  • Claudio

    but you’re not in any other project related to Quake? Or Doom, or another game of first-person shooter?

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    My own new project is Scout’s Journey, an RPG-FPS-platformer set in the Quake world.

    If you’re interested in that, just click the link to gb’s blog in the sidebar. 🙂

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