Winter Spring Cleaning

Removed the age-old Screenshots page, as well as the videos page. None of the old screenshots accurately portrayed the look of the game anymore. The vids can be found at RickyT23’s page and gb’s blog, as far as I know, and by just searching YT for RMQ or Remake Quake.

For recent map screenshots or videos, it really is best to check individual members’ dev blogs or web pages. Not all of us are very screenshot happy, and not all of us bother with blogs or homepages. I’ll just put the relevant links into the sidebar of this page, if they’re not already there.

Apart from that, the main page on this blog you’re just reading has the most recent material.

Edit; I also removed the outdated Contribute page; if you would like to help us and have useful skills in areas such as modeling, animation, 2D graphics, or voice acting, please drop by the RMQ forum.

Edit: Updated the confuddled About page.

Edit: Updated the Downloads page.

Edit: Added latest .def, .fgd and .ent files for use in level editors (on the Mapping Guide page)

Some players would like a zip or 7z version of the recent demo; I’m looking into that.

I’m also currently working on releasing a pack of our internal testmaps that demonstrate RMQ features for mappers (and are sometimes fun to play). It should be about a dozen map snippets featuring things such as custom keys, cutscenes, breakables, pushables, spellcasting, platforming/grappling, rotating entities and so forth.


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