Just one ping

Hi folks, this is a short update:

The RMQ server side Quake C is here.

You need anything else that’s not on the downloads page, let us know.

Everything in the Remake Quake SVN and the released demos / the download page is fair game for the Quake modding/mapping community. I just ask that I be informed if you do anything with it.

Rune of Earth Magic is currently, obviously, shelved, but I might yet return to it. I just don’t find Quake-style gameplay mechanics very interesting right now (I play Company of Heroes; the only shooter I play recently is DOOM 3). Scout’s Journey is still in glacially slow development. I don’t know about Schism.

Sometimes some of the team can be found in #rmq on irc.anynet.org.

I very rarely happen across any Quake messageboards. You might ask questions in the comments here or at scoutsjourney.eu.

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