I sense great change on the wind

New host

RMQ moved to icculus.org. We’re now hosted there along with projects such as Alien Arena, ioquake3 and Darkplaces.

Thank you, Ryan, for having us. It’s an honour to be at icculus.

Public forum

There is a public section of our development forum; you’re welcome to drop by and talk directly to the team in their own hideout.

RMQ Forum

We don’t have a proper web frontend yet, but I think our downloads, mapping guide etc. will move there in the future.


Arms Race

Enforcers have been seen sporting new gear. The arms dealer is said to be gnounc.

2 responses to “I sense great change on the wind

  • metlslime

    nice looking helicopter model, is that a prop or a miniboss?

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Born as a prop, but has potential. There are a couple more equally nice lowpoly vehicles, and it would indeed be a shame to let them end as decoration.

    So… definitely maybe. I guess.

    Most of our maps aren’t ready for vehicles at all, though, since we were pretty slavishly trying to recreate the originals so far. Ironic, considering the “it’s not Quake” criticism we got from some. We followed Quake almost to the letter, actually, which now has the drawback that we don’t really have many places we could put a fully functional attack helicopter.

    I tend to view our narrow mindedness as a mistake now. Fuck yeah, why NOT attack helicopters?

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