Late summer update

All hail the Goat-Mother, Shub-Niggurath.

Here’s the scoop:

The RMQengine is going all-shaders. This was remarkably painless so far, I thought it would lead to more complications but it seems to work fine.

Mapping continues. As far as the BSP format holdup goes, that will hopefully be resolved soon.

A new group of “former human” enemies resulted from a collective design brainstorm on IRC.  This should close the gap between “base monsters” and the rest. The dimensions will become a more dangerous place.

Our current dev cycle lasts until the end of September. I heard talk of multi-map releases. Let’s hope the BSP limit falls in time for that.

New team members: digs (level design) and =peg= (playtesting).

As a reminder, our IRC channel is #rmq at


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