IQM; grass

mh on Inter-Quake model (IQM) support in RMQ:

“more complete support than both Darkplaces and Alien Arena.”

mh’s IQM notes, part 1

mh’s IQM notes, part 2

gb on grass:


4 responses to “IQM; grass

  • AAS

    Nice sshot!
    What happened with the mh’s blog?!

  • Inkub0

    it’s interesting that you are giving complexity to the game with such simple things =)

  • Chip

    Yes, I’m looking forward to a dedicated night to play the upcoming episode. With popcorn and beer.

    I really like the small details and implementations, such as grass, fence textures, and more, on the modified DirectQ engine.

    Keep it up guys!

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Modified Quakespasm/Fitzquake actually, coded by DirectQ author MH.

    I can’t say for sure how much of it is from DirectQ, actually. 🙂

    One map scheduled for the demo just ran into the BSP format limits very, very hard yesterday (84k clipnodes, and vertices already at 54k even without the terrain), so we’ll see about that. I might be able to block a lot of areas off to get it running for the demo, which people won’t even recognize, but if that doesn’t help anymore, the map won’t be in the demo. :-/

    I’ll write a bit about that at my personal blog.

    As you know there are ways around everything, but there won’t be fundamental changes in time for the demo.


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