New engine release

Download the engine here and unzip the archive into your Quake directory.

Includes Linux and Windows builds. The SDL .dlls are included for Windows. Linux users please install libsdl and libsdl-net (crossplatform game dev library), every distro should have them.

This should fix the “white textures” problem.

In other news, ijed has been polishing netherworld tombs with demon saliva for the last few weeks – you can see him lying on his face before an altar of Baoht Z’uqqa-mogg in the above picture. gb could only catch a glimpse of the unspeakable horrors by invoking the fearsome power of Yadd-Tadhag, which has stained him for life.

It still gives me the creeps, dude.

SP Demo 2 has been awarded 18 of 20 points at (Review by Tronyn). We feel warm and fuzzy due to this.


4 responses to “New engine release

  • ijed

    I thought the demonic chanting would lighten the mood a bit. Ah well. Maybe some more elaborate crucifixions, swarm traps and colored lighting will do the trick.

  • Spirit

    Z_Realloc: failed on allocation of 14336 bytes

    if I try to load e1m6rq. I am on Linux with OSS.

  • mh

    > Z_Realloc: failed on allocation of 14336 bytes

    This is a pretty generic error so it’s a little hard to say what’s causing it. It obviously didn’t show up during testing (otherwise we would have caught it!)

    Do you mind if I shoot you some test versions? It’d be really good for tracking down the cause.

  • new demo player

    Ive just discovered this demo today, and its keeps saying Demo(s)in Loop

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