Beta brawl

Very early beta version of the SP Demo 2 map, e1m6rq. I showed this to a couple external testers during development to get feedback.

Notice the m0ar brutal crusher section (nail shooters), bad (and non-coloured) lighting, the completely different (and very sketchy) end (mini-thon!), the absence of the boiler room, the missing lavatrain area and the  still-original lower crusher (no power crystals yet).

The gold key section, the entire pipe stuff and the grapple points are completely missing. This version used a route that was more similar to the original e1m6. Different SK position as well. The new route (and the requirements that came with it) only existed in the TRAC and in the heads of the team.

It was recorded in March 2010, nine months before the extensively changed, polished and greatly expanded version was released in SP Demo 2. Used Darkplaces to record this, since we didn’t even have our own engine yet.

It’s quite funny to see it like that now.

Be sure to watch in 480p.


2 responses to “Beta brawl

  • ijed

    Progress. I’ve no idea where it’ll end up when we finally finish this thing.

  • ijed

    Like when I look at warp now, it’s seems like a piece of crap. But still people seem to have fun playing it, so.

    Now we just need to nail down more Special Stuff for elsewhere.

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