Mapping Help

Folks, here are the latest RMQ .def and .fgd files. They contain entity definitions for level editors.

Shout if anything is obviously missing.

If you want to use RMQ for mapping, I really encourage you, but you should hold off until our next demo is released (hopefully before the end of this year) because it will come with the latest progs.dat and contains HEAPS OF AWESOMENESS that were recently added. šŸ˜›

For multiplayer maps, you can use the multiplayer + patch 1 installation as a basis for mapping – we haven’t added so much to multiplayer since then.

You should be able to do with RMQ most of what you can do with Custents, Hipnotic, Extras, Quoth and so on.

If you think you need anything special, an entity type or feature that’s missing, shout as well.

You can have up to 6 targets and targetnames in RMQ on an entity. There are a couple other bits of information like that which will hopefully soon appear on a RMQ Mapping Tutorial page.

Finally, if you need any prefabs like grapple points, ladders etc., shout as well and you shall receive. Same goes for textures.

Reminder: The latest version of RMQEngine is at mh’s page.

Reminder 2: If you keep your map largely QRP friendly, it will benefit from a semi-official QRP addon pk3 that I am working on. If that’s your thing.

Cheers, gb


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