Orange mapping, part 3

^ Same area as last time with lights. I think it started to live now. Bunch of new pipes, air ducts and light fixtures scattered around, again by copy and paste from existing parts and then slightly modifying. Came up with some new shapes. What you don’t see is that this area will have a LOT of moving parts, partly crushers and partly other things. Still no monsters. Broke hmap2 again, this time I get vismap expansion overflow. That sounds nasty.

mh’s engine runs it fine. I get the feeling that the RMQ engine will be a marvel.

Besides avoiding to be crushed to a fine red paste, the player will also have to find out how to enable something here. Most likely by finding something and putting it in the right place. I sense a new custom key materializing soon.

Have to start texturing the other orange area.


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