Orange mapping, part 2

^ There. I moved right onto the next area without stopping for details. Room after room. It’s kinda addictive. The two weird things in the foregroud are pipes, which were copied and pasted in simply to remind me to put pipes there later. The black thing is a set of stairs that was also pasted from another area of the level (you wouldn’t want to build the same stairs twice, right) – it’s unlit, hence black in the engine. The dev texture is fullbright. 🙂

That was a pretty productive weekend.

Same area with textures. I had to split brushes a lot to accomodate the extra detail, of course, mostly the floor brushes. I also built a kind of tracks for some moving parts, seen as weird stripes on the floor, and a jagged hole in the floor with some loose floor plates (cliche alarm!) – that’s hard to see in this shot though. This is fullbright, since I haven’t placed lights yet. I’ll post another shot when it’s fully lit, which is the next step. No monsters yet.


One response to “Orange mapping, part 2

  • mh

    Ahhhh, moving parts. Smile. One of the things I loved about Doom3 was the amount of moving stuff in the maps; it really helped to bring the world alive and added a lot of great atmosphere.

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