Addon QRP textures

I’m one of those people who like replacement textures. The most sophisticated and faithful hi-res texture pack for Quake is the QRP (Quake Retexturing Project) one, and I kinda plan to have at least optional hi-res support at least in my maps. We are using a *lot* of modified textures in RMQ though. So we’ll need to fill the holes in the QRP set as far as possible.

I did about 30 QRP derivative hi-res textures today; coppers, metals, lights, and alpha masked textures. The demo map will almost completely support QRP replacement textures. You’ll simply install the addon pack I’ll create in addition to the normal QRP pack. See these grates? New texture 🙂

Combination rune textures for convenience, blank runetiles, new copper, and alpha masked grates:

Modified light textures, more copper, yellow runes and yellow spots:

Only a few textures are missing. When this is done, I’ll go over e1m2rq and e1m3rq and create the missing textures for those. Stone tiles, wood, even textiles. It’s fun.

Huge props to the QRP folks for those amazing textures. They are a nice visual update to the original pixel art, without going overboard with it.


2 responses to “Addon QRP textures

  • =peg=

    Well I do like high res replacement textures.. but only when everything (and I do mean everything) in the game is at the 24 bit quality.. so good job on filling in the blanks.. but I think i’ll stick to the old 8 bit ones 😉

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    I hope to be able to accomplish that, although with some maps it is going to be hard to get replacement textures. inkub0 offered to create missing hi-res textures though, after he finishes his Hexen 2 pack. Since he’s a lot better at it than I am, he could also create fitting replacements for non-id textures.
    For models, there are things like the Quake Remodelling Project, Quake Reforged, a lot of item skin packs and replacements and so on. I hope it’ll work out eventually.
    Even if it doesn’t work out for all of RMQ, I want to have episode 1 as hi-res ready as possible so others can later continue the task. Remember, sources are going to be released for maps, engine and qc, so the project doesn’t have to die after there is a full release.
    A hi-res HUD, inventory and antialiased fonts are also in the air. Let’s see how far we get with that.
    This is still an early stage 🙂

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