RMQ Engine required? Highly likely

The coming demo will by default require the RMQ engine to run it.

It’s basically Fitzquake anyway, so it’s not really far-fetched. The reasons are:

1) The map uses “fence textures”, ie alpha masked textures whose names start with ‘{‘.

2) r_lavafog, r_lavaalpha support.

3) Rotating bmodels support, new method (not hiprotate).

4) It is a bit heavy on the dynamic lights, lightstyles, and a number of other things. Playtesters (with expensive graphics cards) have reported lagginess in Fitzquake 0.85, which doesn’t support the fence textures either. mh’s rewritten renderer is up to the task, though.

Things like packet overflow fixes, increased limits for the usual suspects including lightmaps, fog (density R G B format) and colored lighting (.lit file) support are standard today, I assume.

There might be an RMQ engine beta pre-release soon, so there is a chance for engine coders to pick up on the { textures as well as lavafog/alpha.

Edit: Ack, I forgot about DP extensions. Read this.


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