Under Construction: SP Demo #2

Huge contraptions seemingly out of place in netherworld temples, guarded by grunting ogres and stoic shamblers, serving unknown purposes. These are the realms of the Dimension of the Doomed, 14.842 eons after its horrifying, nameless constructors decided they would rather make Quake 2, and left. Is there a future for Quake’s furry minions and tentacled children of Shub?

Yes! One small coven of acolytes of the Elder Gods resists and plots Their return…

RMQ singleplayer demo #2 is scheduled for release shortly. It’s us, the team who managed to turn weeks into months when the multiplayer patch was promised, but the fat… mapper… just didn’t sing. Anyway, this time, “shortly” means something like relatively soon. In fact, we’re already tying up the loose ends.

Currently ongoing in RMQland are ijed’s continuing adventures in rigging and animating, corpse-devouring blobs, sleeping monsters, deadly crushers and devious pushables, proliferation of grapple points (some of them mobile), gb’s happy mapping, Supa’s heroic QC coding (it’s hard to fit all the things she codes into such a tiny update, I guess we’ll have to start construction of that statue soon), Madfox’ severing zombie knights at the hip under the permanent threat of frames, vertices and other such unruly things, and mh’s ruthless quest for performance and DP extensions. On top of that are the usual fatal system crashes, losses of several kinds of hardware, and redistribution of equipment under fire, all to serve THE CAUSE. Hopefully. What I’m trying to say is, we’re getting work done at the moment, lots of it.

We’re happy to welcome a new playtester, and apparently concept artist (hidden bonus!), Amon26. We’re in talks with a few more talented people who might contribute things at some point in the future.

Playtester and odd job man, onetruepurple has left the team. otp, I’d like to wish you all the best. A lot of good feedback and ideas from you are still helping to make the coming demo even better.



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