Slipgate Labs, Inc.

It’s dark, it’s detailed, and it’s one of two base maps in Episode 1. And of course I don’t need sprites for this anymore. 😉 Neither clip brushes, in fact! (thanks to mh) The map’s already a little bigger than this (remember little is relative where RMQ is concerned), but the rest isn’t lit and it’s – gah! – still boxed.

There’s a lot here that you don’t see in the pic. You might also want to take two looks.

Apart from this, mh is working on the renderer, ijed just did an interesting new texture set for one of his maps, and the idea of randomizing stuff in the game has been expanded…

And plans continue to be made – whoever fancies some eavesdropping can do so via #rmq on

Singleplayer demo this fall. One of the goals is to show off RMQ’s use as a mapping toolkit. It is one, though it hasn’t been discussed much. Take a look at the entity .def file that’s linked from the Downloads page.

I also updated the About: page and a new tutorial about curves in Radiant is in the works. For now there’s “just” the pictures. The Tutorials page gets quite a few hits, and there have been requests to do specific ones, so it shall be done. Give a man a level, and he’ll be entertained for one day. Teach a man how to build levels…


8 responses to “Slipgate Labs, Inc.

  • mh

    Of course you don’t need to use sprites any more for this… 😉

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    How correct you are, sir! Pic updated.

    (That’s textures whose name starts with “{“, brought to you by the RMQ engine, courtesy of mh.)

    *puts foot down* Implement this, guys!

  • meTch

    what are those little white-ish squares in that shot? particles? but then again the particles in /blimey2.jpg are circular…

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    mh, imagine this with colored lighting. Must… hack… light tool.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    metch: They’re particles, yes, created by one of our particle emitter entities… in this case sparks coming from the pillar that has the grate missing. They bounced across the floor to the positions you see them in.

    They’re square because they use sprites. A particle from a particle emitter can be a sprite, a .mdl, and probably also a .bsp.

    They should really be triangular or something. Congrats, you spotted early alpha content!! 😉


  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    by the way, the particle emitters are also the entity that does the *famous* rain in e3m1rq. But possibly, one of these days, “we won’t have to use particle emitters for that anymore – of course.”


  • meTch

    heh, after I posted that comment I looked again and saw those square sprites around the white gear thing and that guy looking at you from behind the Shambler, oh, and also is that texture on that thing next to the stairs (on blimey2) supposed to be dashed horizontally because i think the rivet lines would look good vertically, just sayinz… and i had an idea similar to the particle emitters some time ago but never actually did anything on them.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    You’re correct – in the motion-blurred shambler pic the square particles belong to another particle emitter, which is part of a forcefield. The white gear thing is a keyitem – in RMQ, you can have custom models be a key, which opens up all kinds of possibilities. It is white because no one made a complete skin for it yet – I created the cog model in Blender and used Sajt’s qwalk to get it into Quake.

    Needless to say, having cogs as keys means that there’s something that needs those to work. Think hard – which other classic game has a level where you collect cogs to make something work? 🙂

    No, there is no river in the map. However, there is a lot of water, and that classic game has a way to do something with water. And so on. Why yes, you can do things with water in RMQ – you should know, since you played DM6RQ online.

    The guy behind the shambler is an NPC…

    you have good eyes. I must be more careful with those pictures. I had no idea they get scrutinized like this.

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