You And What Army?

On a typical Saturday morning, mh gets up and makes breakfast. While his coffee is being made, he writes a new OpenGL renderer. He finishes before his egg is boiled, so he still has time to shave.

With an axe.

To give you some idea of the kind of performance you’re going to get, ctf1rq currently runs at about 120 FPS in DirectQ on an Intel thing. I’m going to be shooting for similar figures here.”

And boy was he right. Awesome stuff is coming, I tell you.

And this is the kind of stuff mh does on a rainy day. You know, just to test batch rendering of alias models.

I choked on 800 knights in DirectQ by the way, but it’s very playable with a mere 400 (…) 1600 was completely unplayable even when they weren’t moving

Wait a second, this guy actually did test how much 1600 knights at once slowed down his engine (and when mh says “unplayable”, it probably means “a bit slow”).

Yeah, I think we’ll get along. Welcome to the team, mh.

This army.”


9 responses to “You And What Army?

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of LH’s 10000 knights mod, which used modified qc code to reduce the demand from the AI code.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    We’re gonna need the AI though 🙂 400 knights charging at you is still pretty frightening – and you can spread them out a bit and sprinkle a few dragons in, and flank them with siege engines. Should be plenty terrifying.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    also, LOL at the automatically generated links. I wonder if I need to start paying WP to switch that off.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    yeah, looks like I can switch them off.

  • meTch

    Excuse me while my HED-SPLODES!!!!!:O!!!!

  • mh

    I should have put the player on a platform in that map so you could see all 400 better when they charge at you first. Not so that they can’t get at you though, the whole point of the thing (besides stress-testing the renderer) is that YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    The feeling is pretty crazy, yeah. There is this huge battle cry and the sound of many swords being drawn at once, and in RMQ also the footstep sounds of 400 armored people. Their idle sounds create the impression of a hum, like a bee swarm. And this wall of men charges at you.

    It looks best when seen from above, when it looks like they are just streaming towards your position.

    You don’t live very long, indeed. Medieval wars must have been super brutal, imagine getting crushed between the attackers and the men behind you, and everybody screaming.

    Throw in 100 crossbow knights on ledges or walls, that would also add a pock-pock-pock sound when they constantly fire their quarrels.

    Crazy stuff. There is a testmap with less knights, where the player has quad and supernailgun… that is fun, too. Especially since RMQ added sounds for gibs falling to the floor.

    Imagine fireball hurling catapults and attacking dwagons… er, dragons, on top of it.

    In a good map, with proper lighting and perhaps rain, it might look dramatic, despite Quake’s low-resness. When seen from some distance, as in the screenshot, it still looks impressive, although every individual knight is totally low-poly and not very intelligent. It’s the mass that creates the impression. Similar to Massive.

    OK, you quickly hit the limit with Quake and consumer level hardware. But in principle, it works.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Also, we should make some of them carry torches.

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