Half-Life Style Rotating Doors

Testmod including map, QC and engine source (README included):


Contains a rotate_door as well as a rotate_continuous entity.

As I wrote elsewhere, this is much easier to set up than the old Hipnotic method of rotation, has built-in collision and uses less models. All that’s needed is your rotate_door and an info_null in the center of rotation.

rmqrotate Patch 1: (removed, patch 1 was broken)

rmqrotate Patch 2: (removed, obsolete)

rmqrotate Patch 3: contains acceleration/deceleration and various fixes

What works:

– Smoothly rotating bmodels

– START_OPEN, TOGGLE, health (shootable door), targetname (triggerable door), linkname (linked rotating doors), silver/gold key doors, rotating around X/Y/Z axes, squishing/damaging player, combinations START_OPEN/linkname/targetname, accelerating/decelerating rotators, reverse spawnflag


– rotate_train, align player view angles, and even crazier stuff that only Deep Ones know about, sorry.

Future versions will be accessible from the Download page.

In related news, mh just said that the upcoming version of DirectQ will support this, so the list of supporting engines includes Darkplaces, FTE, DirectQ, Proquake, Qrack and RMQ engine.


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