Point Release

Well, more like Zero Point Something. Here is the long promised multiplayer patch 1.

Online testing revealed a whole list of fixmes a couple months back, so we got to work and eliminated all known problems, except some of the less important niggles which got deferred to a later release. In short:




Put the pakfile (pak1.pak) in the same directory as the multiplayer demo. So you have pak0.pak and pak1.pak next to each other.


RMQ multiplayer component


RMQ 2009 multiplayer demo (12/2009)

Patch 1 (07/2010)


DM6RQ: Fixed grapple points
DM7RQ: Fixed players being able to touch trigger_changelevel
DM1RQ fixes
DM4RQ fixes

added Dash move like in Warsow - bind key boost (DM only)
fixed grappling hook not targetting correctly
gave player 25 shells again when spawning in DM
made player drop quad when killed
lowered fall damage a little
fixed the eyes.mdl (uses the id1 eyes.mdl)
fixed bots blocking players from joining (temp1 sets max. number of bots)
fixed votes broken by players who left
fixed aliases not sent to players joining during intermission
print You fragged... in brown
fixed readme (caut impulse, temp1 for bots etc)
fixed sound attenuation for powerups (no attenuation)
checked in missing waterm_gb.wav
raised volume of armor, health pickup sounds
fixed grenade launcher gyro issue
fixed walljumping on sky brushes
fixed unlimited armor shards bug (now armor type maximum + 25)
allowed r_wateralpha in multiplayer
fixed "playersquished player" obituary
Added hook alias and caut impulse to MOTD, and made it stay up longer
fixed player ID overriding MOTD display

fixed probably other stuff as well

Added resources required by updated progs.dat:

new gib models for zombie/ogre/wizard
impulse 76 gives you the axe (singleplayer only)
backstabbing with axe
monsters burn when falling into lava
new health pack models (base/medieval)
ogres talk among themselves
too much other stuff to count

some placeholder health models from Fantasy Quake
some placeholder sounds from Zerstörer

Removed / unfinished development resources for patch:

female player (voice actress needed)
scrag ventriloquism
other stuff

Known issues / Deferred until a later point:

fix getting stuck in respawning windows by jumping
code side fix for changelevel / noexit death
fix bots from stealing player's colors
make adding bots depend on a vote

Do report any bugs you find to the devs (mail in README)
IRC channel: irc.anynet.org #rmq

// goldenboy

And also:

;-) in memory of watching the sky together on bigfoot.quake1.net:26001
We had a great time.

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