Poll: Help us outfit Quakegirl!

We want your opinion.

Since we’re having several player characters, we want to give them their own starting weapons. We’re thinking not to change Quake Guy’s weapons, but the new characters should go about their missions in different ways and bring their own stuff. So the Quake guy keeps his combat axe and shotgun. Another character will bring the chainsaw and an energy weapon, and yet another wields something uniquely alien. This leaves us with the girl. Her episode is a little trap-and puzzle-heavy, and she’ll probably be very proficient with the grappling hook, which might be her starting weapon #2 (episode specific shotgun replacement).  There have been several ideas about possible axe replacements, but nothing has really surfaced as THE best idea.

Says ijed, “There is a tendency to give female characters crappy weapons”. What’s your idea? Which battle implement should Quake Girl carry on the fatal day of Quake’s invasion?

The options…

A combat knife would be the “realistic” choice, but Quake isn’t about realism, and combat knives in most games suck. Regina from Dino Crisis had a handy stun baton, which puts enemies into pain mode and can be used to open doors etc.  The DOOM guy prefers his fists, especially when berserk’d. I think Quake Girl is more brain than brawl, though. Maybe something slightly ninja-y, in the vein of the Hexen 2 Assassin’s punch dagger and a backstab ability? Or even all-out samurai weaponry, and turning her into a Japanese space marine?

Or should she maybe pick up whatever is lying around the slipgate complex, á la the original Half-Life’s crowbar, or Prey’s “Don’t leave your dirty tools on my clean table” wrench?

Perhaps simply laugh at the idea, along the lines of  “Just give me the dual uzis, kthx” as Lara Croft would probably do?!

Vote! (up to twice!)


21 responses to “Poll: Help us outfit Quakegirl!

  • negke

    A handbag obviously… 😛

  • rich

    stun gun looks to be winning, although it was my second-choice vote. thought something like this could be cool too:

    (googled kukri)

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Yeah, possibly. That was actually what I thought of when I thought about daggers. Technically a knife though, I guess.

    Cool movie (Resident Evil: Extinction). Yay for Milla Jovovic, she kicks great amounts of ass especially in that movie.

    The thing is, much of the coolness will be lost in a first person perspective. There’s a reason why there are no first person beat them ups.

  • negke

    Ok, a more serious comment this time.
    I think a stun baton is farily pointless in a game like Quake where gameplay mechanics and AI don’t accommodate such a weapon. Not only is there probably hardly ever a situation where the player may want to stun an enemy first instead of just attacking him openly from a distance, it’s also useless as a melee replacement if it only stuns but doesn’t do damage and thus requires switching to another weapon anyway. I’m sure you’re not intending to make it completely non-damaging, though.

    Being strict abount the “space marine” theme mentioned, swords and daggers are out, too. Such weapons don’t really fit this setting, unless they maybe had somewhat futuristic shapes. Then again, I guess in Quake everything works. (As if an axe was a standard equipment item for marines…)
    Some sort of tool might work, too. Not a crowbar, but perhaps a plasma cutter or a close-range electronic charger. Though that’s probably too realistic again.

    So a handbag, after all… 😛

  • ijed

    So. Nobody mentioned a rolling pin then? Handbag, sure…

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Well, so much for polls on KDITD.

  • ijed

    We can look at this as the ‘open’ version of the tickets maybe.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    > (As if an axe was a standard equipment item for marines…)

    It is, axes (both multipurpose and combat) are used by troops in war zones even today. Breaking down doors, chopping firewood, and close quarter combat in a pinch.
    Google “combat axe” or “combat tomahawk”.

    We discussed the melee weapon issue and someone mentioned the impact hammer from Unreal. Someone else said “airfist”. Combine those two with the stun gun/plasma cutter/charger idea maybe.

    Stunning something to put it into the pain cycle, then backstabbing/grappling/DBS’ing it would simply allow for some variety, for a different style of play. Sure, in old Quake you can pretty much boomstick everything. But we’re trying to be less boring, remember? For those players who like to select the double-barrel shotgun, keep pressing fire and only aim left and right until everything is eradicated, this mod is not. Vanilla Quake perfected that, no reason for us to do the same.

    With your argument, you could dismiss Hexen II’s backstabbing and hiding in shadows as well – simply crossbowing everything is more effective. However, some players still like to have the choice.

    Anyway, we might end up using this mysterious “powered fist” weapon as her shotgun replacement. Maybe it could even allow new movement tricks – or blast down walls. Think outside the box.

    Plasma cutter might be nice though, as an axe replacement. Stun and backstab, blast open that locked door, powerfist-jump across the room, stun and backstab.

  • stevenaaus

    Hmmm… i’d ditch the girlie model altogether. It doesn’t gel with Quake’s atmosphere and the idea of women in hand to hand combat is a little silly.

    A sorcerer or necromancer like in hexen 2 would be ok… but then you’re messing with the Quake theme.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Women are serving in several militaries, although usually not right at the front. It’s not too hard to construct a scenario in which one of them would have to fight – say, a surprising invasion by an enemy only known as “Quake”…

    Also, it is a matter of having the option in multiplayer, either for female players or for model teams like in Quake 2. Both that and Quake 3 do have female player models. It also comes down to “this is 2010”.

    Of course, any number of female martial artists, police, and soldiers would disagree with the notion that females in close combat are silly.

    Having four different player characters simply adds variety as well.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    negke, try saying “handbag” to any of those. 😉

  • ijed

    There is a blind spot in games, especially in Quake – it invented a lot of them, like humans being able to jump massive distances, instantly heal by walking over healing packs and so on.

    Asking that a female soldier perform close combat is pretty normal – especially when they already do in the real world.

    I like the sound of the energy fist type weapon. When I mentioned the impact hammer it was to invoke the charging up mechanic.

    I do think it should kill stuff though. Stunning is fine in a game based around it, but the core gameplay is based on killing stuff.

    (Also, it wasn’t perfect in id1, otherwise we wouldn’t have modified the core weapon set so much, just to perform the same fucntion – killing stuff)

    What i do think is that it should involve more finess than holding down mouse1 until either you or the monster are dead.

    I think it’d be cool if the melee attack is launched when you let go of the button OR it reaches maximum charge. If it hits an enemy on maximum charge then it does massive damage, low charge does next to nothing.

    A player runs up to an ogre and starts tapping mosue1 with the melee. the inflict lots of small hits, sending it into pain occasionally, but eventually the chainsaw wins.

    The player hides from the Ogre behind a pillar, even though it is aware of them. They hold down mouse1 to charge up the melee and at just the right moment jump out and gib the ogre.

    I think this fits the ‘sneaky’ aspect, maintains the visceral element and is an interesting gameplay mechanic. If the player wants then they can just select the DBS and blast the Ogre, let’s give them a good reason to go for the melee.

    I think it’s good because it requires a lot more skill than the axe / chainsaw but also rewards the player for using it right.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Let’s wait until we have the actual weapon model, female player model and sounds, and some QC… what exactly the weapon does, is just a matter of fine tuning. I think you can’t plan too much in advance. The thing doesn’t even exist.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    also, if this ends up being the slot 2 weapon, it doesn’t have to be limited to melee.In that case, I’d probably give either a kitchen knife or negke’s plasma cutter as the melee weapon then.

  • Dr. Shadowborg

    Just came by to see what’s up.

    RE: QuakeGirl Weapon #2:

    Flare Gun. Make it do damage on impact, stick to the target for a while, burning it a few times. Good for hit-and-run.

    Or, if you want to get extra fancy, some sort of survival knife / machete WITH an integrated flare launcher. (make the game automatically decide what to do depending on distance from a foe, either fire the flare, or hack away…)

    For example, in a pillar area, you could have her tag an enemy with a flare, then run around the pillar and hack them to death from behind, etc.

    Anyway, looks excellent so far, keep it up guys!

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Hi DrS, we still have warm fuzzy memories of you every time we pick up an item_key 🙂

    Good suggestion, haven’t decided yet what it’ll be in the end… rmq is slow like that.

    Cheers, gb

  • meTch

    i dun a think and i think a telescoping baton would be cool, could even make that oiled sh-wilk sound when you select it http://www.copquest.com/21-1000-head.jpg

    and i have another weapon idea but ill have to tell you of it later for i have to come up with the explanations and schematics, but it will fit right in with your little gear/cog/sprocket sub-theme }:]>

    unless you’ve already decided on ze vepuns 😮

  • meTch

    here it is:
    the gear gun is a firearm that launches cog wheels as projectiles. the idea came from my own experimentation at the shop with the pneumatic system there, one day i decided to put a sprocket on a wrench (known as a spanner to some) and spin it with the air because i was quires to what it would sound like; imagine how a vacuum cleaner sounds, now imagine that 5 times louder with three times the intensity, futhur more the frequency of the sound climbed as the gear spun faster and faster to almost unbearable heights. then i had a better idea; to let the gear slide of the wrench to see if it would go far, when it hit the floor of dirt and rust-crud covered fine cement; it let off tons of sparks and i felt heated up particles braising my legs. the gear stayed in that spot for about 1/4th of a second and then took off at break neck speeds into what ever was in its path; it thrashed through a pile of dried vegetation, climbed and bounced off a wood board and left a pretty good dent in an empty oil drum across the floor and fell over and that’s where it stayed. i observed the ground where it landed, it left a small rut about maybe 2-4 millimeters deep into the fine tough cement, i stamped out areas in the vegetation where the smoke of the cog was a little more persistent as i thought it could have been the start of fire, the wood plank had clear spots crushed out where the teeth had hit it, the dent in the oil drum slightly held the outline of the gear as it had hit it sideways as sort of an angle, the brown paint scratched where the teeth had still spun on it, the sprocket gear itself had sheen off a slight layer of metal from its teeth leaving them really smooth and shiny at the ends.

    the gear gun uses the exact same power method as that accept instead of just dropping it it projects the cog into the air using springs, the first trigger in the back handle releases the air pressure from the built in pneumatic system and powers up the projectiles spinning, the second trigger releases the tightened springs sending the spinning gear airborne into the large air and then into an enemy(or etc.). but it doesn’t have to be all violent, this gun could be used as a motor for making things happen in the game, perhaps applied in the right areas it can power these circular toothed objects that keep showing up in maps lately that seem vary suspicious and secretly dangerous like how there was this one guy somewhere named golden_boy who said “Her episode is a little trap-and puzzle-heavy” who is obviously alleged with the force of evil known as ‘Quake’. i imagine you could find a lot of these odd things with teeth just lying around in places rich with clockwork style machines waiting to be picked up and used against your enemies.

    and this is a prototype-pixel-art (as for i cannot draw, yes it is small image..ves it vas dun im mspaint, so vat? you vant to fight aboot et?) of what this gear-gun could look like perhaps, but this is all just a lengthy suggestion

    hate it or hate it, it’s just a half baked corner-cut idea.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    This is actually rather cool metch. I especially like that you tried it out in the shop 🙂 in true rmq fashion, lol.

    It is also a good idea that it could be used as a sort of tool.

    It goes in a similar direction as that power glove thingy, and similar ideas – something pretty crazy and cartoony superheroish, but also pretty usable and powerful.

    I’ll keep this in mind. Whatever the weapon loadout of the girl character looks like in the end, it will be pretty far out.

    Not many updates recently, sorry, RL going on and some team members are on holiday or otherwise busy, but I looked into making videos which you can see on the video page, and I just got a number of pretty good negke demos that showed me many things I’ll have to improve in my maps. ijed also got some.

    Also playing around with Hexen 2.

    Fall 2010 demo will be good, I can say that much, and we might actually make it more or less on time this time. 😛

    Maybe some more SP teaser vids to follow – and hopefully also a multiplayer one. Guess we’ll need to record some demos online for raw material.

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