Recent Development

Inspired by recent adventures in next-gen land, notably my continuing obsession with Crystal Dynamics’ gorgeous Tomb Raider: 10 Year Anniversary,  I felt compelled to mess around with more brush based detail, for example the rather uneven floor in the image above. Use the full size view to really see what’s going on. I turned that flat area into a triangle soup, then applied a healthy dose of Radiant’s Transform tool to the vertices. Result: Wobbliness.

I set a couple square tiles into that afterwards, too. If you look *very* closely, you might be able to make out some other not-quite-as-blocky-anymore areas. I’m experimenting with denting and modifying wall brushes to create a more organic look.

The downside is that the map compilation time, especially Quake’s idiosyncratic Vis stage, quadrupled just from what I did in this one area. Two steps forward, one step back. That’s stone-age technology for you.

In other news, part of the team is busy in RL or otherwise occupied, hence development proceeds slowly. It does proceed though. And no, we haven’t forgotten about multiplayer – hang with me.


3 responses to “Recent Development

  • negke

    Looks a bit random without a rationale somewhere in the map. For example, it could be roots or tentacles pushing against the floor tiles from underneath, and breaking through in a few areas. Or, since this is “The Door to Chthon” (I assume), random earthquakes – volcano-style – that are responsible for the bulging of the floor…

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    True, I’ll spread this idea out over the map though since it’s supposed to be some eons-old netherworld temple. I think the floors and walls wouldn’t be completely even in such a place. Just trying to break it up a bit visually. Maybe I’ll have a few roots sticking up. Many changes coming yet.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    And yes, it is the equivalent of “The Door to Chthon”. There will be a weighty surprise though.

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