Construction work

A gang of Ogres dropped in over the weekend and started redecorating this map. Somehow they seem to have a thing for pipes recently. I don’t know what the Shamblers think about that, even though they haven’t officially complained yet. After all, this place had no pipes for the last 3.41 aeons. Maybe in about 10,000 years we will see a movement of “Shamblers against pipes”. Sure to remain a hot topic…

The other hot topic is this barrage of green Wizmetal from the Dimension of the Spasmeded, which somehow materialized itself in an area that opened a couple of days ago. And not only that, it brought its friends, the trusty copper tiles, and a bunch of air ducts (offending pipes removed from this picture, Ed). What exactly it is we see in this recon shot remains debated.  I can’t make heads or tails of these symbols.

The Hellraiser gang dropped by, too. *cling* *cling*

Let’s not get started about those super troopers that are popping in impossible places across this level. But… but… doesn’t Bloom suck? Debateable, don’t you think.

Further spring redesigning to follow. Have a nice one, everybodiieeee!!


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