Recent Development

Black Magic at Work

It looks like Episode 2 is really taking off now; it’s nice to see this hole getting plugged. For the longest time, episodes 1 and 3 pulled the RMQ cart; with the recent success of multiplayer and the current structuring and falling in place of episode 2 maps and concepts, everything looks a little more balanced. Like all other projects, we have our discussions and our artistical differences, but we are still here, and we are looking better now than we did a year ago. And that’s what matters.

Things are shaping up very well for us.

Feature Creep

I hope we can get the patch released very soon; we introduced a couple features players were asking for, like Quad drop, and have to iron out new issues now šŸ˜› It should come soon enough though. Better do it right the first time.

Your Way Has Been Lit …

A plan is being laid out for the next singleplayer demo; it will have a focus on those features that have been in the pipeline for way too long now, like a couple monsters and things like that. It will still come with a full singleplayer map, though, and a couple other odds and ends that may be enjoyable, as well as the now-standard legacy support.

Assimilate Them

Another interesting tidbit: Did you know you can run Quoth maps, and others, under RMQ?

List of supported external mods…

Scourge of Armagon




What this actually does is it replaces those mods’ entities (like monsters) with RMQ ones. This functionality is still WIP, but should already work with the December ’09 demo. Try loading some mission pack maps into RMQ.

We’re also slowly going over some entities in the original Quake maps and tweaking. This is an ongoing process.

Frag you soon.


3 responses to “Recent Development

  • negke

    Quad dropping: if this feature is enabled, I suggest increasing the respawn time of the item (of the other artifacts as well). It would be even better if the Quad would not respawn at all as long as the dropped one is still lying around, although I’m aware this leads to a major problem if it drops in unreachable spots. So removing it when the original items respawns is the way to go (as you most likely intend to do).

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Dropped quads now count down like normal. That should ensure there’s only one quad at any given time šŸ™‚

    Gosh, I need to enlarge the text for comments I think.

  • negke

    Ok, that’s even better.

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