Post #1

Since I was asked at about the progress of the Remake Quake project, and we don’t yet have a website, I made short process as we say here and said “gimme a blog” when the friendly WordPress asked.

So here we are, in the dimension of the Doomed (or whichever one you prefer) and working hard to bring you four episodes worth of singleplayer, a dozen multiplayer maps and a pile of QuakeC, sounds, models, textures and whatnot that you can all run in your favourite game engine, namely QUAKE.

We released Multiplayer demo #1 in December 2009, as you hopefully remember, and thanks to the good people at Euroquake, it actually runs on a server that you can connect to.  If you have Quake, the game, download this

RMQ demo

and after hopefully installing it (there’s a readme if you’re the type of person who reads those), open the console and type “connect“. If that doesn’t work, type “port 26001” followed by “connect“.

If that still gives you problems, go here

and ask questions.

We’re working on patch #1 to fix a host of issues that cropped up during online playtesting. Watch this place for updates.


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