Current development

From the trac: Patch for multiplayer demo.  We did this in about a week, the only things holding back the patch release are an issue with the grappling hook and a couple mapside fixes.


Readme updates for things like armour maximum etc.
Fix hook not disengaging when player enters a windtunnel
Fix “playersquished player” obituary
lower fall damage a little
disallow female player model, make sure all players always use player.mdl (comment the rest out)
Fix players being able to touch trigger_changelevel in dm7rq (put outside the map)
DM1RQ fixes (raise sky, put item on roof; clip b. near GL)
fix the eyes.mdl (use the id1 eyes.mdl – ours *may* be a debug model)
If reasonably simple: Drop powerup (quad, pent, ring) when player is killed
fix bots blocking players from joining when server is full
fix votes broken by players who left
fix aliases not sent to players joining during intermission
print You fragged… in brown
readme fix with caut impulse
sound attenuation for powerups fix (no attenuation)
check in missing sound
raise volume of armor, health pickup sound
Fix grenade launcher gyro issue
Disallow mantling on sky brushes
Fix for armor value rolling over at 255, but adding up so you can have 255+255+255… Should we convert shards to the next higher armor class at some point? i.e. 200 GA (or whatever amount it is) = 150 YA ?
Allow r_wateralpha in multiplayer.


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